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CMP Study Group

Apr 26, 2018

Having a CMP is fast becoming an industry standard for meeting professionals, both planners and suppliers. It elevates your professional stature and gives you a competitive edge in the job market. The CMP designation is becoming widely known as THE designation for event professionals throughout the industry and the world.
Whether you have already applied for the next exam or if you are thinking about writing in the next year, MPI Toronto can help you with your studies.

Registration now open at this link.

The CMP Study Group will help you:

  • review and study the material that will be on the examination with your industry peers
  • learn/review exam material from presentations given by industry experts who have passed the CMP exam
  • create connections with like-minded industry professionals that are also studying for their designation
  • get the inside track on helpful exam preparation tips 

The study group will take place over three months with four different dates including a two-day overnight session.  These sessions will be interactive and led by those who have achieved their CMP designation.  They are part of an overall process in helping you gain your CMP certification. 

Please see below the dates and costs, we hope that you will be able join us as you work towards your designation.
Dates and Locations:
April 26 2018 - Thompson Toronto
May 6-7, 2018 - Niagara Falls (fee does not include accommodation)
10am-5pm (Sunday)
9am-5pm (Monday)
May 24, 2018 - Vantage Venues
June 9, 2018 - InterContinental Toronto Yorkville
All Sessions
Members:         $225+HST
Non-Members: $425+HST
Single Session Fee:
Members:         $150+HST
Non-Members: $200+HST

When the study sessions are finished, a rebate of $100 will be provided to MPI members (you must attend a minimum of three sessions in order to qualify for the rebate) sponsored by Meetings + Conventions Calgary. If a non-member joins MPI by June 1, 2018 they will receive a $300 rebate provided they have attended a minimum of three sessions.

Registration now open at this link.
Remote Program for the MPI Toronto 
CMP Study Group

The MPI Toronto CMP Study Group has been helping people gain the knowledge over the past several years needed to write their CMP designation. One question that often gets asked is how people can participate in the group when they live and work outside of the GTA. After having looked at several online educational programs, as well as best practices from other CMP Study Groups. The Toronto Chapter would like to offer the remote program for the CMP Study Group.

How would it work?
Participants who sign up would be officially recognized as part of this Study Group, and as a result will receive all correspondence, including presentations, study tips, mock exams, and the opportunity to participate in the “sub groups” that often come with being part of the larger group. Each person would then be assigned a study partner from the group, and the two partners must work together on a different side of the industry: planner with a supplier, and supplier with a planner. This will ensure that the participant gains insight into parts of the exam and program that they are not very familiar with.

Following each study session, partners would connect via Skype for at least an hour to review their material.  The duration of these Skype sessions would be mutually agreed upon. It is strongly suggested that the Skype session takes place within a week of the study session in order for the information to stay fresh and to avoid falling behind the rest of the group.

Who would qualify?
Anyone who lives and/or works at least three (3) hours from the GTA.
Remote Program Fees:
MPI Members: $150.00+HST
Non-Members: $350.00+HST

A $50.00 rebate would be issued for participation in all of the one-on-one sessions. An additional $50 rebate would be issued for participation as a study group partner.
Additional Fees to attend a CMP In-Person Study Group Session:
MPI Members: $50.00+HST
Non-Members: $75.00+HST