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MPI Toronto Chapter Professional Development Workshop

Nov 13, 2018

Unlock Creativity: An Experiential Approach to Events with Jessica Gibbons
(Meeting Planning Solutions CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design)

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Known for redefining the event experience, C2 Montréal is committed to maximizing creativity and personalizing learning at their annual international business conference each year. But where do they get their ideas and information from? Hear from Jessica Gibbons of C2 International as she explores brainstorming techniques and strategies for engaging your audience before, during, and after your events. You will walk away with talking points to bring back to your organization about the importance of innovation and how to have those difficult budget conversations. Learn from this one-of-a-kind event, and challenge your perception of what makes a meeting successful.
Run Your Own Race - The Ultimate Mindset & Marketing Solution with Kevin Bulmer
(Great session to put towards your CMP certification required hours)

Every business, at some point or other, runs across any number of common “problems,” like how to increase sales, how to market itself more effectively or increase morale and productivity. Meanwhile, it's our individual and collection mindset (our collection of habits, beliefs and behaviors) that is, almost always, the real "problem" beneath those problems.
In this presentation, Kevin will share how effective solutions to seemingly complex problems are often astonishingly simple. Most often, they’ve been right under our noses the whole time but we keep missing them because we’re so used to looking for  something else. It's Kevin’s job to help you see what's already right in front of you, and get it working for you.
Through the course of this presentation and interactive session that follows, we’ll discover how to:
- Ask ourselves the right questions in the right order.
– Cultivate a more consistently positive, resourceful, solution-based mindset
– Improve decision-making ability.
– Increase morale, effectiveness & productivity.
– Reduce worry, fear & anxiety.
– Help ourselves and our team members identify, set and achieve goals that align with our purpose & values.
- How to know if we’re on the right track.

Tuesday November 13, 2018
Vantage Venues – Conservatory One Room
150 King St W, Floor 16, Toronto, ON M5H 1J9

Registration Now Open!

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